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Organise An Event

The aim of TLI Cycling is to support cycling clubs in the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, and assist them to organise competitive cycling events. Its aim is to provide a straightforward, user friendly framework which, at minimal cost to the club, enables them to promote their events within the legal and practical requirements of current legislation, as it applies to cycle racing either on the public highway, on a closed circuit, or off-road.

To reduce costs to a minimum, events promoted under TLI Cycling’s rules and regulations do not require the payment of event levies, or entrant fees. Any surplus being made as a result of organising the event is retained by the organising club, although it is requested that any surplus is retained and reinvested to the benefit of cycle sport.

TLI Cycling’s rules and regulations ensure that bureaucracy is kept to a minimum without compromising safety. It’s public liability insurance provides an indemnity limit of £10,000,000 for legal liabilities arising in claims made against an event organiser, official, or participant, that involves either bodily injury or damage to a third party.

In addition, liability insurance protects event organisers in the event of injury to a race volunteer, such as a marshal, who need not necessarily be a member of TLI Cycling, in circumstances where the volunteer is legally responsible. It also provides protection to the event organiser in the event of any volunteers becoming injured during the course of their activities and suing the organiser for negligence.

Contingency liability motor vehicle insurance is also available for lead car and motor cycle officials in the event of indemnity being denied under their own personal policies.

Under current legislation, all event organisers who promote cycle races on the public highway are required to notify the local police, and submit a notification form together with a risk assessment of the circuit or course to be used. For new or potential organisers who may not know or understand the procedures involved, TLI Cycling has a dedicated Police Liaison secretary, Andrew Wright (email:"), who is available to assist and ensure that they direct your notification forms to the correct police official.

The first step is to download a copy of the Event Promoters Pack  .pdf / Word (.doc) and read it thoroughly. Then contact your local region events secretary to make him/her aware of your interest, and to ensure that the proposed date of your event is available.

A list of Region Event Secretaries is available here.