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Enter A Race

The aim of TLI Cycling is to encourage cyclists in the UK to 'have a go' at cycle racing in any of its forms. Whether you are a complete novice or an ex-professional, male or female, we welcome your participation in our events. Your age determines your category, so that although races may contain riders from several age groups, the results will be structured where possible so that each category will have its own classification based upon your age.

To view coming events that you may like to enter go to the website Events Calendar. This allows you to enter events online using PayPal as the payment method. For those of you who are already members, you can also download a personalised entry form by clicking here and posting your entry form with the entry fee to the event organiser.

If you just want to see how you'd go in a race, without making the committment of full membership of TLI Cycling then we can offer day membership to allow you to compete in closed-circuit or off-road events. Full details are available by clicking the 'Day Membership' tab on the left of the screen. However, if you wish to compete in an event taking place on the public highway then you must have full, not day, membership.

CCRL Event

However we would recommend that you join as a full member, in which case see the 'Join/Renew' tab on the left.

You should be aware that TLI Cycling rules and regulations state that cycles used for road or circuit racing shall be fitted with a freewheel and two independent brakes in good working order and with the exception of races for U8, U10, U12 and U14 categories, only the traditional type of ‘drop’ handlebars may be used and no fixed extension such as tri bars may be added to the steering system.

Please note that our Rules & regulations of racing are kept to a minimum on the understanding that all entrants understand and agree to the following code: -

"TLI Cycling is run on a basis of friendly cooperation and it is therefore taken as read that all entrants are true sportsmen/sportswomen who will conduct themselves at all times to the enhancement of the sport of cycle racing."