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Points are awarded to the first 3 in each age category in events throughout the year. 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. Points are calculated from the results that organisers enter after their event. Therefore if you think that your points tally is incorrect - get on to the organiser to make sure the results have been entered into our 'Race Results' section!

Leading Members In Each Age Category
Rank Name Club Total

Category YE - No Results Yet Added For This Year

Category YD - No Results Yet Added For This Year

Category YC - No Results Yet Added For This Year

Category YB - No Results Yet Added For This Year

Category YA - No Results Yet Added For This Year

Category J
1William DraperTeam RL360 Isle Of Man8
2Jake BarnesManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
=3Simon PriceGraham Weigh RT/Deeside Olympic3
=3Jimmy BostockEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team3
=3Benjamin ChristianEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team3
=3Adam KellyManx Viking Wheelers CC 3
=3Aaron PrestonBrother NRG Driverplan Pro Cycling3
=8William CorbettBrother NRG Driverplan Pro Cycling2
=8Lucas MudieEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team2
=8Charlie FisherNewport Shropshire CC2
=11Matthew DobbingBrother NRG Driverplan Pro Cycling1
=11Louis Thomas MessengerMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club1
=11Harry CainEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team1
Category S
1Andrew JonesManx Viking Wheelers CC 6
2James SamuelCrest CC5
=3Matthew CartlidgeKuota-Spinergy-GSG3
=3Marc HeustonLJMU Cycling Team3
=3David GriffithsPro Vision Scotland3
=3Lee GaleManx Mountain Bike Club3
=3Paul VriendDulwich Paragon CC 3
=3Ralf Hodgson 3
=3Sam TreanorManx Viking Wheelers CC 3
=3Jim MarshallManx MTB Enduro3
=11Chris KneenManx Mountain Bike Club2
=11Adam PinderAdept Precision RT/NE Healthcare2
=11Alex RockwellManx Mountain Bike Club2
=11Josh YatesMammoth Lifestyle Racing Team2
=11Warwick SandersonManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
=11Luke JohnstoneFalkirk Bicycle Club2
=11Nathan DraperManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom2
=11Matthew DraperManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom2
=11Richie Kilip 2
=11Matthew LuntSurface Design Racing2
=21Ryan PikeOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team1
=21Ben Hetherington 1
=21Cole DrewsTeam Wheelguru1
=21David RadcliffeManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
=21James LongManx MTB Enduro1
=21Matthew LookerManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
Category M
1Adam SwalesManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom5
=2Darran LeadleyManx Mountain Bike Club3
=2Gavin ShirleyDooley's Cycles RT3
=2Joel NewmanManx Mountain Bike Club3
=2Vincent ChristanEast London Velo3
=2Nigel Beatie 3
=2Paul LallyOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team3
=2Martin HillmanVelo M Cycling Club3
=2Rick KingPatron3
=2Andy Bass 3
=2Steven FidlerSurface Design Racing3
=12Matt Langridge 2
=12Leslie CorranManx Mountain Bike Club2
=12Darren MurphyManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
=12Thomas BeasleyEast London Velo2
=12Robin ArnoldManx MTB Enduro2
=12Nick RowlandAdept Precision RT/NE Healthcare2
=12Christopher HeseltonManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom2
=19Elliot BaxterManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
=19Peter MoyerManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
=19Aaron LivseyManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
=19Craig Ritchie 1
=19John RigbyVCUK VeloChampion Racing Team1
=19James O Reilly 1
Category A
1Simon SkillicornManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=2Chris SpencerOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team4
=2Mark HassallSurface Design Racing4
=4Christopher QuinOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team3
=4Mark SkillingCarrick Cycle Club3
=4Nigel TebayManx Viking Wheelers CC 3
=4Trevor KirkwoodManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom3
=4Rob SorbyManx Viking Wheelers CC 3
=4John Roberts 3
=4Stephen AirPrima Team Racing3
=4Gary McManusManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom3
=4Paul BuchananManx Mountain Bike Club3
=13David AtkinsonBnb Pro Cycling2
=13Martin HallManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
=13Lee Batty 2
=13Gordon MurdochIcarus Racing Club2
=17Christopher PetchInfinity Cycles Race Team1
=17Jeff PlowmanManx Mountain Bike Club1
=17Mike CloughManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
=17Rob Watson 1
=17Michael GlynnWills Wheels Cycling Club1
Category B
1Gianni EpifaniManx Viking Wheelers CC 6
=2Adrian ShimminEllan Vannin CC/Appleby4
=2Mark HarrisonManx Mountain Bike Club4
=4Antony WallisCiclos Uno3
=4Frank MontagueTS Racing Team-OTR3
=4Johnny GalbraithLoaghtan Loaded MTB3
=4Gregor SharpHawick Cycling Club3
=4Jim DuffyWeaver Valley Cycling Club3
=4Paul VannVictoria CC3
=4Andy BennettOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team3
=4Andrew RocheEllan Vannin CC/Appleby3
=4Ian KellyManx Mountain Bike Club3
=4Tony RyanChester Road Club3
=14Jason FinchFord CC2
=14Paul ThursfieldAPI-Metrow2
=14Andrew TurnerElement Cycling Team2
=14Ian ShillingManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom2
=14Trevor FinnPrima Team Racing2
=14Paul Watterson 2
=20Jonathan KellyManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
=20Guy HattonManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
=20David Cole 1
=20Chloe Quilliam 1
=20Simon BridgeManchester Bicycle Club1
=20Steve Robinson 1
Category C
1Robin ParkerEast Grinstead CC6
=2Gary JohnstonManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom5
=2Richard FletcherEllan Vannin CC/Appleby5
=4Kathryn PriestManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
=4Richard StokoeMedway Velo Club4
=6Martin BreareyTS Racing Team-OTR3
=6Chris TierneyManx Mountain Bike Club3
=6Graeme CurrieRock To Roll Cycles CC3
=6John CrookLiverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC3
=6Mark HammersleyTeam Wheelguru3
=6Mike TwelvesTeam Jewson MI Racing3
=6Robert CormodeManx Mountain Bike Club3
=13Guy WiltcherManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom2
=13David FoxWarrington Road Club2
=13David KentSt Helens Cycle Racing Club2
=13David Moore 2
=13Gary TaylorFerryhill Wheelers CC2
=13William TurnerFalkirk Bicycle Club2
=13Phil FallowsManx MTB Enduro2
=13Stephanie ClaytonMammoth Lifestyle Racing Team2
=21Dave Reily 1
=21David James RadcliffeManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
=21Paul CubbonManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
=21Tony LoweTeam ASL-Bolton1
=21Michael Gilby 1
=21Nick Vriend 1
=21Steven CartwrightGraham Weigh RT/Deeside Olympic1
Category D
=1Graham StigantEllan Vannin CC/Appleby6
=1Steve DaviesOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team6
=1Carolyn BrownManx Viking Wheelers CC 6
=4Nick GilesFibrax Wrexham Roads Club4
=4Tony JenkinsManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom4
=6Graham BalshawTeam ASL-Bolton3
=6Gary ByfordWalden Velo3
=6Martin HopkinsonFietsen Tempo3
=6Michael Shipside 3
=6Ian ArchibaldJohnstone Wheelers CC3
=6Colin WhitewayManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom3
=6Roy HolmesBott Cycle Team3
=13Julien Corlett 2
=13Derek McMillanSt Christophers CC2
=13Steven LookerManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom2
=13David ClarkRichmond Cycling Club2
=17Paul MannSolihull Cycling Club1
=17Roger Meads 1
=17John MooreManchester Bicycle Club1
Category E
1Sally WalkerManx Viking Wheelers CC 9
2Ken JonesOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team4
=3Tony ReesBrother NRG Driverplan Pro Cycling3
=3Steve JolleyOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team3
=3Stephen WilkinsonTeam Wheelguru3
=3Graham Huges 3
=7Tony VarleyEllan Vannin CC/Appleby2
=7Ray PughLiverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC2
=7David CumingGraham Weigh RT/Deeside Olympic2
10Paul MasonAudlem Cycling Club1
Category F
=1Nigel HarropSeamons Cycling Club3
=1Kenneth CorbettWakefield CC3
Category G
=1David TompkinsCiclos Uno3
Category H - No Results Yet Added For This Year

All Members Statement

I understand that TLI Cycling is a company limited by guarantee. As a member my liability will be limited to £1 and I undertake to contribute £1 to the assets of TLI Cycling in the event that the Company is wound up while I am a member or within one year after I cease to be a member.

I confirm that I am not subject to suspension by any other cycling organisation, or that if so the National Executive of TLI Cycling on appeal has adjudged the action not to be applicable to TLI Cycling events. I also understand that failure to disclose a suspension can result in disqualification from membership of TLI Cycling. I also agree to and will adhere to all other TLI Cycling conditions of membership.

I accept as a condition of membership that my personal details as listed above are to stored on a computer database. I also agree that this data may be made available to TLI Cycling Officials and Event Organizers if necessary.

As a member you agree to receive emails from TLI Cycling about your membership or regarding event information that we feel is of relevance.

Under 18 Participation Disclaimer

This section to be declared by a parent/guardian if the member is under 18 years of age

I give permission for my son/daughter/ward to become a member of TLI Cycling Ltd and I accept that I shall be held reponsible for the payment of £1, as detailed above, if the company is wound up. I also consent that the information on this form may be stored on a computer database.

I give permission for my son/daughter/ward to participate in TLI Cycling events. I understand that he/she participates at his/her own risk and without liability whatsoever on the part of the promoting club it’s officials or members or members and officials of TLI Cycling in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by him/her however caused, whether by negligence or otherwise.

I confirm that my son/daughter/ward is sufficiently responsible and experienced to assume full and entire responsibility for his/her own safety whilst engaged in a competition of this kind on the public highway.

Important notice: Entrants aged under 16 years of age are not allowed to compete unless a parent/guardian is present and has agreed this disclaimer on behalf of the entrant. Entrants under the age of 14 years are not allowed to compete on the public highway unless the event is a Time Trial and then only if they have attained the age of 12 years.