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Add Club To Locator

Club Details

TLI Cycling has no affiliation process for clubs. However if you are a club participating in TLI Cycling activities you can add your club details to our 'Club Locator' and 'Club Profile' pages.

You must be a registered member to add your club details in this section. If you are not, then the following steps will allow you to do this. Only current paid-up members of TLI Cycling can register. This is essential for data protection purposes as the user will have access to confidential information stored on our database.

If you have previously registered (perhaps you are also an event organiser) then the system will recognise you as such and you will use the same login details that you have previously chosen.

To start the process please enter your membership number and PIN (Personal Identification Number) in the text boxes below and click on the 'Next' button.