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TLI Cycling Handbook

1. TLI Cycling Limited incorporates The League International. TLI Cycling Limited is a company limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales on 15 July 2010 under company number 7316143 and with its registered office at Artemis House, 4 Bramley Road, Milton Keynes, MK1 1PT. As a company limited by guarantee it does not have shareholders, so that all of its resources are to be used for the purposes of TLI Cycling and cannot be distributed to the members. All members joining TLI Cycling Limited undertake to contribute £1 to the assets of the company if it is wound up while that person is a member or within one year after he ceases to be a member.

2. As a limited company TLI Cycling is governed by the Articles of Association filed at Companies House (The Articles). If there is any conflict between this Constitution and the Articles, the Articles will prevail.

3. TLI Cycling is a non profit making organisation. Any surplus is used to maintain, improve and develop TLI Cycling’s activities. No surplus will be distributed other than to another non profit making body or charity on the dissolution of TLI Cycling.

4. The aim of TLI Cycling is to provide an organised programme of safe sporting events so that all cyclists from school age to senior citizen can take part in friendly competition within their own age and ability grouping, such competition being based upon the current International Cycling Federation practice.

5. The management of TLI Cycling is governed by the directors of TLI Cycling Limited. The Directors, in turn, appoint a National Management Committee which consists of The National Secretary, National Treasurer, National Police Liaison Officer, Public Relations Officer, and Regional Officers. For the AGM there may be up to two additional non-voting representatives per Region, invited by their Region Secretary. The AGM is presided over by a Chairman, elected at that meeting. Membership of the Committee is by invitation of the Directors only, and will usually be in recognition of work already done to promote the interests of TLI Cycling.

6. The Management Committee may appoint Patrons and Vice Presidents. The Management Committee may award life membership to Members who have rendered long service to TLI Cycling. The Management Committee may enter into agreement with any other organisation or person with the intention of promoting the aims of TLI Cycling.

7. There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the autumn of each year to receive the reports of the Directors and accounts for the previous year. Members other than Regional/National officials shall not be entitled to receive notice or to vote at a General Meeting save in respect only of such business of the meeting as concerns the winding up of TLI Cycling Ltd. The quorum for a General Meeting will be half the number of Regional/National officials plus one, in post at the time of the meeting. Unless a quorum is participating no proposal is to be voted for at a General Meeting except a proposal to call another meeting.

8. Subject to the event being promoted in accordance with the current TLI Cycling Rules and regulations the Management Committee shall be responsible for all and any TLI Cycling disciplinary actions. Any Full or Day Member disciplined by a Race Organiser or any other TLI Cycling Official shall retain the right to have a formal meeting with the Management Committee in order to review the circumstances surrounding the action. It shall be deemed as sufficient notice to any Member as to the wishes of TLI Cycling that the said TLI Cycling has sent notice by post. Disciplinary Action Notices shall be sent by Recorded Delivery to the last notified address of the Member involved. The decision of the Management Committee will be final and shall include the right to deprive the Member of their Membership rights within TLI Cycling.