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Latest Points Rankings - Lapierre Series                                                


Points are awarded to the first 10 in each qualifying age category in events throughout the year, with each placed rider getting points corresponding to their placing multiplied by the number of entrants in their age category. Points are calculated from the results that organisers enter after their event. Therefore if you think that your points tally is incorrect - get on to the organiser to make sure the results have been entered into our 'Race Results' section!

Leading Members In Each Age Category
Rank Name Club Total

Category - No Results Yet Added For This Category

Category J
1Conor McKinnonSouthport Cycling Club78
2George Mills KeelingPro Vision Race Team40
3Jamie O'ConnorChester Road Club38
4Thomas StewartLiverpool Century Road Club36
5Robert RowsonMacclesfield Wheelers CC27
6Aaron Chambers SmithAndy Moore Autocentres Racing20
Category S
1Michael AshurstOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team360
2Will CordenVelo M Cycling Club232
3Grant BighamVelo M Cycling Club216
4Ryan PikeOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team204
5Samuel TaylorManchester Wheelers182
6Matthew BellWarrington Road Club112
7Mark WilkinsonTeam Wheelguru102
8Will CordenMammoth Lifestyle Racing Team100
9James SmithSpecialized Racing 86
=10Will Mapus SmithEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni80
=10Jack WilliamsEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni80
12Matthew WalesTeam Aspire64
13Ben DobsonTeam ASL-Bolton56
=14Nicholas O’sullivanGraham Weigh Racing48
=14Charlie CritchleyHigh On Bikes48
16Marc HeustonLiverpool Century Road Club42
17Guy JonesHarry Middleton CC40
18Mark AllenCongleton Cycling Club32
Category M
1Steven Fidler3C Payment Sports597
2Peter BrackenLiverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club451
3Ben TrotterMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club392
4Hugh EnglishManchester Wheelers300
5Brian TurrallTeam Wheelguru239
6Ben PalmerSurface Design Racing218
7Darren BohanaEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni181
8Iwan ThomasGraham Weigh Racing166
9Dan EvansAssos Equipe160
10Chris SiepenSeamons Cycling Club150
=11Thomas BrazierSynergy Cycles144
=11Dean EvansGraham Weigh Racing144
13Chris HumphriesSt Helens Cycle Racing Club120
14Nick MorganCC Luton112
15Jon WhitePro Vision Race Team105
=16Neil HughesLiverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club84
=16Paul LallyOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team84
18Jonathan CarnallMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club77
19Lawton MattMacclesfield Wheelers CC66
20Dan RowettSynergy Cycles60
21Adam BainesTeam Chronomaster56
22Thomas GreenMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club55
23John MacDonaldManchester Wheelers44
24Paul McLeodChorley Cycling Club42
25Aled RobertsEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni36
26Benjamin GannonSt Helens Cycle Racing Club32
27Stephen StuartLiverpool Century Road Club30
28Matthew BuckleyWeaver Valley Cycling Club22
29Mark LeylandSt Helens Cycle Racing Club20
30Simon BaylissTeam Jewson Mi Racing16
31Jamie Smith3C Payment Sports11
Category A
1Lee SteeleLiverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club790
2Thomas McCormackElement Cycling Team538
3Paul GibsonSurface Design Racing465
4Matthew BonehillStafford Road Club418
5Mark HassallSurface Design Racing378
6Christopher QuinOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team290
7Tim WorthingtonHorwich Cycling Club178
8Kristian ZentekTeam Chronomaster176
9David BrattPro Vision Race Team139
10Dave GriffithsMammoth Lifestyle Racing Team130
11Mark DIXStone Wheelers Cycling Club120
12Angelo DerosaGraham Weigh Racing119
13Ryan BallardTeam Jewson Mi Racing117
14James Griffiths 104
15Andrew MartinVCUK VeloChampion Racing Team102
16Matthew DohenyLancashire Road Club98
17Phillip FaulderSynergy Cycles91
18Gareth JohnsonGreen Jersey Racing Team84
19Paul ModernChester Road Club65
20Paul AllenPro Vision Race Team56
21Stephen AstonFibrax Wrexham Roads Club51
22Chris SiepenSeamons Cycling Club49
Category B
1Nigel ModlinskySeamons Cycling Club1286
2Raymond BellLiverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club943
3John Hines3C Payment Sports842
4Michael ClarkTeam Wheelguru686
5Carl PotterLancashire Road Club646
6William TurleyPro Vision Race Team644
7Gareth McGuinessEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni488
8Steve LeeTeam Wheelguru440
9Steve KnowlesPort Sunlight Wheelers422
10Simon BridgeManchester Bicycle Club340
11Andrew PrinceStafford Road Club328
12Andrew TurnerElement Cycling Team305
13Richard BarnettPro Vision Race Team279
14Chris SpencerOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team273
15Stephen TalbotPro Vision Race Team225
16Ron PlumbleyLiverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC221
17Gary ScottWarrington Road Club210
18Peter OakesManchester Bicycle Club200
=19Alun WilliamsEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni175
=19Matthew Kelly 175
21Andy PorterHorwich Cycling Club155
22Stephen StonemanBott Cycle Team150
23Tony WorkmanLancashire Road Club132
24Kirk WhelanLiverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC125
25Christopher QuinOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team120
26Nicholas WhitleyChester Road Club112
27Jon Weavell 100
28Jarod GarringtonGraham Weigh Racing75
29Rory CroneWarrington Road Club72
30Sam DobsonTeam SB Hub66
31Neil JonesPort Sunlight Wheelers60
32Ashley StephensGraham Weigh Racing50
33Keri PartonVelo M Cycling Club48
34Phil Land3C Payment Sports36
35Terry GlynnGraham Weigh Racing34
36Wayne OwenEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni28
37Mark LiptrotGraham Weigh Racing25
38Andrew WrightBott Cycle Team23
Category C
1Andy BennettOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team1320
2Karl SmithBott Cycle Team1135
3Paul ThursfieldGraham Weigh Racing734
4Mark FentonStone Wheelers Cycling Club504
5John FiddiesTeam Lusso467
6Stephen Blaney-GreenKuota/Spinergy/GSG463
7Carl FinneySt Helens Cycle Racing Club278
8Keith BidwellTeam Wheelguru210
9Mike TwelvesTeam Jewson Mi Racing198
10Graham PrenticeLiverpool Century Road Club181
11Steven CartwrightGraham Weigh Racing140
12Mark WiseTeam Jewson MI Racing119
13Ron PlumbleyLiverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC113
14Jess EvansAssos Equipe102
15John Agnew 100
16Graham McEwanGraham Weigh Racing88
17Simon DeggStone Wheelers Cycling Club80
18Mark BroadleyBill Nickson Cycles RT70
19Duncan Ross 64
20Bill YoungAudlem Cycling Club53
21Martin LefleyBella In Sella Racing51
22John Williams 34
23Bill YoungTunstall Wheelers CC22
24Colin HodgsonSt Helens Cycle Racing Club20
Category D
1Mark HammersleyTeam Wheelguru919
2John CosgroveOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team582
3Steve DaviesOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team565
4John MooreManchester Bicycle Club559
5Stephen JonesAudlem Cycling Club557
6Nick GilesPoco Loco Cycling RT475
7Neil SimpkinStafford Road Club374
8Roy HolmesBott Cycle Team256
9Kenny GrayKuota/Spinergy/GSG191
10Keith Jones (gwrt)109189
11Howard WilliamsGraham Weigh Racing181
12Simon FrobergDinnington Racing Club140
13Graham BalshawTeam ASL-Bolton126
14David FoxWarrington Road Club108
15Neil HigginsTeam ASL-Bolton98
16Stephen BaillieManchester Bicycle Club97
=17Graham Payne 84
=17Gary Duncan 84
19Keith Jones (gwrt)Graham Weigh Racing82
20Chris Danby 81
21Paul BrownbillPort Sunlight Wheelers76
22Ian PollardCotswold Veldrijden70
23Richard CoghillLeek Cyclists' Club63
24Simon HigginsLiverpool Century Road Club56
25Geoff SaxonPro Vision Race Team40
26Michael Karl JonesWarrington Road Club39
27Philip BracegirdleWarrington Road Club36
28Peter LeatherLancashire Road Club32
=29Lyndon WayLiverpool Century Road Club28
=29Phil HillChester Road Club28
31Peter LeatherHorwich Cycling Club14
Category E
1Geoff RawlinsonSt Helens Cycle Racing Club655
2Stephen WilkinsonTeam Wheelguru631
3Gordon WallaceGraham Weigh Racing480
4Steve JolleyOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team373
5James RutherfordTeam Lusso328
6Paul MasonAudlem Cycling Club317
7Jayne DickensVision Racing231
8Marcus WalkerBush Healthcare CRT 190
9David ZelaskowskiGraham Weigh Racing183
10Ken JonesOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team150
11Tony ReesRibble Cycling144
12Brian PearsonLakes Road Club140
13Joey WilliamsOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team100
14Alan OldPort Sunlight Wheelers98
15Barry ArmstrongSeamons Cycling Club84
16Steve BoothAudlem Cycling Club80
17Glenn LonglandAntelope Racing Team72
18Harry McNallySt Helens Cycle Racing Club55
19Ray PughLiverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC48
20Norman LomaxRossendale Road Club40
21Kevan UnderhillWeaver Valley Cycling Club38
22Philip RoseTeam Wheelguru36
23Graham CumingLiverpool Century Road Club32
24Sarah CramoysanPrima Team Racing28
25Carl TelfordManchester Bicycle Club19
Category F
1David CumingGraham Weigh Racing665
2Alan ForresterGraham Weigh Racing455
3Gordon SmithGraham Weigh Racing412
4Barry ArmstrongSeamons Cycling Club285
5Vincent SmithTeam Lusso180
6Barry BeswickTeam Wheelguru152
7Rob MathesonWheelbase Castelli MGD144
8Dave DeakinsLune Racing Cycling Club142
9Brian BoyleLiverpool Century Road Club115
10Rob Matheson 113
11Melvin SwallowChester Road Club63
12Steve DaviesFerryhill Wheelers CC56
13Philip WindsorGraham Weigh Racing36
14Michael O'ConnorMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club32
15Mike WilsonAudlem Cycling Club24
Category G
1Geoffrey BrandtBirkenhead North End CC135
2Gordon WaltersBush Healthcare CRT 90
3David SmithGraham Weigh Racing47
4Karen BrooksRhos On Sea CC 20
5Richard BoothHartlepool Cycling Club10