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Age Categories

Age Categories

The primary aim of TLI Cycling is to provide the framework for a racing cyclist, of any age, to be able to compete with his/her peers. Therefore all competitors compete only against others in the same age category. Events may be organised with age categories grouped so that no one category feels disadvantaged by being in a group of younger contestants, or as a handicap. The important thing is that the entrants age category is reflected on the result sheet, and if possible in the prize list.

In any race, the age category of the entrant is determined by his/her age on the date of the event. Therefore an entrants age category may not be that as shown on the members memebership card if their age has changed since the card was issued. However the website online event entry system recognises the entrants age and allocates the correct age category accordingly.

To allow females to compete on an equal footing TLI Cycling operates a 'unisex' age category system. Females are allocated an age category which for senior and veteran ladies is generally three bands above that of a male competitor of the same age. e.g. A female aged 30 to 39 is designated as a 'C' category and would be directly competing in the same age group as males aged 50 to 54 who are also assigned as a 'C' category. Organisers should therefore not have to organise female-only races or offer 'first female' prizes as the males against which they are directly competing are already handicapped by virtue of their greater age. Organisers should also take care not to organise events on a simple 'Over 40' or 'Over 50' basis as this may not correctly recognise the category status of female riders.

Entrants under the age of 14 years are not allowed to compete on the public highway unless the event is a Time Trial and then only if they have attained the age of 12 years.

Age categories are as follows: -

Members Born 2012 or 2013YEYE
Members Born 2010 or 2011YDYD
Members Born 2008 or 2009YCYC
Members Born 2006 or 2007YBYB
Members Born 2004 or 2005YAYA
OR: On turning 16 riders have the option to continue riding either as a 'YA' or as a 'J'.
Members aged 16 or 17 on the day of the raceJJ
Members aged 18 - 29 on the day of the raceSB
Members aged 30 - 39 on the day of the raceMC
Members aged 40 - 44 on the day of the raceAD
Members aged 45 - 49 on the day of the raceBE
Members aged 50 - 54 on the day of the raceCF
Members aged 55 - 59 on the day of the raceDG
Members aged 60 - 64 on the day of the raceEH
Members aged 65 - 69 on the day of the raceFH
Members aged 70 - 74 on the day of the raceGH
Members aged 75 plus on the day of the raceHH