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About TLI Cycling

TLI Cycling is a voluntary sports organisation, supporting cycling clubs in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, to organise competitive cycling events for all ages, entrants racing against others in their peer group. It is run on a not-for-profit basis entirely by unpaid volunteer members, any surplus being used to maintain, improve and develop TLI Cycling’s activities.

TLI Cycling has for over 30 years provided grass-roots cycle racing for all ages and abilities, with competition based upon age. In 2015 we accommodated over 10,000 male and female entrants in our various events, the competitors ranging in age from 6 to over 75!


The History of TLI Cycling

TLI Cycling has evolved out of The League International which was formed in 1982 from an idea conceived by the late Peter Duker and Roy Cottingham with the ambition of bringing to Great Britain racing for age related categories, as practised by the European based International Cycling Federation who used this system to cater for riders of whatever age.

A programme of events was established where the emphasis was on providing racing for riders, who due to lack of experience, lesser ability, age, or lack of training time, were not catered for by others. An element of ability however was introduced whereby competitors, if they had problems competing with their peers, could be reclassified into an older group than their age would normally dictate.

TLI Cycling promotions include road races (in both single day and stage formats), time trials, cyclo-cross, track racing, mountain bike, and cycle speedway. Our affiliation to the International Cycling Federation means we have access to events in the whole of Mainland Europe.

In 2010 TLI Cycling was amalgamated into TLI Cycling Ltd, a Company Limited By Guarantee, which provides security for all our members from possible unlimited litigation, and which in this compensation-culture world, safeguards us all against possible problems caused by other road users.